Worldwide market & product competence meets cross cultural contacts and personal relationships.

We are longtime global beverage experts - alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks, branded & private label.

We have our own longstanding first-hand experience of our target markets, not just relying on 3rd party reports and statistics.

We truly understand local cultures, consumer aspirations, distributor needs and the essentials of business and political environment.

Consumer desire & distributors needs are the linchpin of our activities.

Our reputation: superior quality, reliability and service commitments give us the competitive lead. Tell us your needs - we work harder to deliver.

We build and cultivate our personal contacts, worldwide.

We are constantly engaged in various sales-oriented activities in our focus markets, e.g.

  • Active member of political & business delegation visits in focus countries (e.g. with Federal Minister of Agriculture and Food; Minister of Economics; Ministers and Managers of Trade & Commerce etc.)
  • Attending and visiting trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences
  • Meeting our global partners, customers & consumers: keeping in close contact and getting first-hand market updates
  • Market survey, store checks and person-to-person meetings with decision makers

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